Good News for Android Owners, Nova Launcher is Now Integrated with Google Now

Nova Launcher Integrated with Google Now

Android users are used to customization at every point because they have the freedom to make their phone look as they want it to.

The objective is achieved by one of the most popular launches of all time, the Nova Launcher.

The latest version of the launcher, version 5.3 is now available in the Google Play Store. The good news is that it now works seamlessly with Google Now. The sheer number of ways that the launcher allows you to customize the phone is just too good that almost every Android user rely on it as their daily driver. It looks great, supports a wide range of themes and most importantly is compatible with many older versions of the Android operating system.

Another highlight is that it is seamlessly, quick to respond and doesn’t slow down your phone as many other launchers do. Google Now which earlier didn’t work with it due to the rules put down by the company has now been integrated as part of Nova. A lot of technicalities had gone into making the functionality work which may sound very confounding for the average user.

Nova Launcher with Google Now

All that you have to do know is that with the Now functionality working on Nova, you will be able to receive all the amazing goodies that Google has to offer including weather updates, traffic, news on the go. The issue prevailed with Nova launcher being a third party app that had to communicate with Google Now using an API and it works only if it is debuggable. The problem has come to an end with the launch of the Nova Google Companion.

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You can receive feature by downloading the latest version of the APK in your phone. An alternative would be to wait for it to be officially rolled out on the Google Play Store. The best aspect doesn’t stop here because there is no need to pay and get Nova Launcher Prime because Google Now works with the free version of the launcher as well. It works on any phone running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Most modern-day smartphones should be able to easily support the feature.

Nova Launcher Integrated with Google Now

Some bugs do prevail as the feature is in its early stages but the developers are already working on it and they should be ready with the final production in a couple of weeks. Nova Launcher 5.3 has become much better with Google Now integration and the hoard of new features it brings.

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