Two Action Games Portal Knights and Nioh will Feature on PlayStation 4 Shortly

Portal Knights

Developers 505 Games and Koei Tecmo Games are all set to feature their action oriented/RPG Portal Knights and Nioh games on PlayStation 4.

While the former will be available from early May in North America, the latter is still in the development stages. Interestingly, Portal Knights is a completely customizable game whereas Nioh has a typical war-torn Japanese background of the sixteenth century.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes, and is portrayed like a blank canvas for you to do the settings based on your preferences. As a player, you can decide on your own RPG character, dress up the hero the way you want him to appear, and travel between islands created by you. These islands will be linked to each other by various portals. Other customization options include choosing your own style to build your stay place and furnish it according to your taste, decide what farm resources you would like to own, waging fearful battles, learning new skills, building a bevy of weapons you are comfortable with and more. You can also opt to lend your assistance to other online players in multiplayer mode or play with family in co-op mode. The game also supports single player option.

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As for Nioh, this is a samurai-centric game that requires players to be adept at war as there will be encounters with many types of powerful Yokai demons. As a gamer, you will have to play the role of a blonde-haired swordsman William who is a seasoned swordfighter. The Yokai will make several dangerous locations their homes and hide in shadows where they wait to pounce on their opponents. In the course of the battle, you will find yourself opting for various attack and dodge combinations, as well as relying on other typical samurai weapons like axes, katanas and polearms. To get to the Yokai, you will often need to seek assistance of friends or visitors. You can also try to earn rewards by visiting shrines in your way or keeping your boss engaged.

Nioh PS4

One of the important ways to master the combating skills is to have a good understanding of the Stance system that comprises the high, mid and low stances. The high stance mode deals on the power to attack and aggression, but provides fewer opportunities to block and dodge. In the mid stance mode, it is bound to be tough to attack the enemy from behind. Moreover, you will have to be prepared to react instantly to each of the enemy’s moves. The final low stance mode is the best bet when you want to evade or dodge your foe. The mode allows you to make a quick escape and attack your enemy from behind.

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