Sony Launches Xperia X Concept Update with New Camera App Shortcut and Battery Saver Mode

Xperia X Concept

Sony has rolled out a new firmware update with build number 38.3.A.0.83 and with it, it brings a couple of useful features that should make Xperia phones more productive than they already are.

With the Xperia X Concept, Sony has been focusing on many new features and implements them in the Experimental Track program. It provides them the freedom to check many experimental features on their smartphones, roll them back if they don’t work as intended and keep introducing application modifications that are not found in other Android versions.

Xperia X Concept Update

As part of the program, the manufacturer has now rolled out the new build that includes a battery saver mode giving users the ability to customize and secure resources if they like to. A Stamina mode was part of the original Xperia firmware which had similar functionalities but when Android rolled out the Marshmallow update, it was replaced by the Doze mode. Users of Xperia phones were repeatedly asking the company to bring it back. While the team didn’t bring the Stamina mode, they have introduced a similar one named the Battery Saver mode.

Xperia X Concept Battery Saver Mode

When your phone goes below a specific battery level (which you can specify), it will allow you to automatically stop a couple of functions that are known to have an impact on battery life. The changes include turning off wifi, GPS, auto syncing messages and adjusting display brightness. The option is found in Settings, Battery, Battery Saver mode. It is quite similar to the modes found in most laptops which if you choose will automatically limit functions and allow you to use the device a little longer.

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The camera app can now be accessed using the new app shortcut and it is also easy to access the quick settings whenever required. With the Xperia X Concept program, Sony has been constantly rolling out better support and functionality. They have now introduced support for VoLTE for Vodafone in Spain and in UK on EE/ Three service providers. The features are minimal yet they will make the phone more intuitive and allow you to access a wide range of features by saving time. Both the battery saver mode and camera shortcut functions are part of the new build numbered 38.3.A.0.83.

Xperia X Concept Camera App

Sony’s range of smartphones is still going good in its own set of regions whereas Motorola, Lenovo Xiaomi dominate the Asian market. Android 7.0 Marshmallow update is now a must have for most users but it may not be available for older phones, except for flagship devices.

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