Two Samsung Galaxy Fold Variants with 8-inch and 13-inch Dual-Fold Displays in the works

Even before the Samsung Galaxy Fold with 7.3 inch foldable display is available in the market, we now have information about Samsung working on two additional foldable displays.

The sizes of these new foldable displays are reported to be 8 inches and 13 inches respectively. It is further added that both the displays could see a double fold roughly resembling the English letter ‘G’ and letter ‘S’. The company may launch these dual-fold smartphones later this calendar year though there is no indication on when it is likely to happen.

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Samsung has already filed patents for such dual-displays. Here’s one such patent from the USPTO database.

Type-G and Type-S

The 8 inch foldable display variant of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will have the ‘G’-type fold which will fold inwards twice like the letter ‘G’ of the English alphabet. The 13-inch display variant will have the ‘S’-type fold which can be folded twice. When unfolded, it look like a big tablet.  Some sections of people are ready to interpret that Samsung wants to offer the convenience of carrying devices that can function as tablets, reports Chinese media.

Samsung is possibly aiming to target Apple’s iPads with 7.9 inch and 12.9 inch displays. You can carry the device in your pocket, open it and unfold the screen to turn your mobile phone into a tablet. With such large screens, people won’t feel the need to buy a tablet in the future.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone unveiled by the company earlier this year has a 4.6 inch display when folded and kept in the pocket. When you unfold it like a book, it opens up to a foldable display of 7.3 inch size. Both are AMOLED displays. There are six cameras in all – a lone camera on the cover, then the front selfie camera in a dual combination of 10 MP + 8 MP and finally the main rear camera setup that has 16 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP triple sensor setup. The other specs too add up to make this a high-end offering.

Galaxy Fold Display Issues

Samsung had issued sample pieces of the Samsung Galaxy Fold phones to some media personnel in the US so that they could use the device and report its performance. There have been reports of the foldable display failing to live up to its reputation. Samsung has clarified that the top layer of the display must not be peeled off. We can expect a realistic feedback only when hundreds of buyers will get to use the phone. The 7.3 inch Galaxy Fold will be made available to customers in the US on May 26.