[Update: Galaxy S10e too] TWRP Now Officially Available for Exynos Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10

Samsung galaxy s10

[Updated:11 May 2019] The exynos variant of Samsung Galaxy S10e has received TWRP support now, just a few days after the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ exynos variants were extended support.

Galaxy S10e is codenamed “beyond0lte” and you can download it HERE.


The Exynos variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 has now received official TWRP support and this comes just two days after TWRP support was made available to the Exynos Galaxy S10+.

Whenever TWRP becomes available for a smartphone, it is usually a topic of discussion but some users can’t help but imagine why. Manufacturers of Android smartphones expect you to use their software thus they include a couple of bottlenecks in the system that limits how far you can go. But you bought the phone, didn’t you? This is where Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), an open-source custom recovery image for Android-based devices becomes important. The official TWRP build for the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now available. This is coming about two days after its big brother, Galaxy S10+ its official TWRP.

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Back in February, South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, released its latest flagship Galaxy S10 series, with the best hardware and software that Samsung could lay its hands on. A few weeks ago, an unofficial TWRP hit the web for the Galaxy S10+. Unofficial TWRPs are not approved by the official TWRP team and we can not expect regular updates for them. Nonetheless, the official TWRPs for both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are now available.

Before you install this software, there are a few things that you may want to know. Apart from the fact that TWRP is user-friendly which is evident from its User Interface, it also enables flashing a new OTA update to Android smartphones. Users can format/clean/repair broken partitions of their devices and you can also create/restore a backup for Android devices.

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Nevertheless, installing a TWRP requires you to first unlock the bootloader of your device. This enables disabling of the device warranty. This is the reason why you really need to know the pros and cons of installing TWRP and root before jumping the bus.

Thanks to geiti94 for the initial unofficial release and the code name of this software is beyond1lte. 

If you wish to install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos model) click HERE.

For the Galaxy S10+ (Exynos version), click HERE.