uBreakiFix Joins HTC in Offering Google Pixel and Pixel XL Repairs

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with an exclusive feature that sees users of the phones enjoy 24/7 customer support, either through text or phone calls.

Whether you have a hardware or software problem, a Google-accredited expert will be there to help around the clock. Just recently, reports emerged that Google will be sending Indian Pixel and Pixel XL owners to HTC centers in case of any issues with the phones. This is due to the lack of brick-and-mortar support centers owned by Google – centers that are expected to take care of these repairs and any other problems.

Now, it seems Google has the same problem of a lack of in-person phone repair shops and general customer care centers in the U.S. As a result of this, the search engine giant is reportedly teaming up with uBreakiFix, a popular electronics repair chain that is well known in the U.S. as well as neighboring Canada, to work as its exclusive repair company for the Google Pixel phones.

In short, this means that you can walk into any uBreakiFix-owned shop, which has more than 250 branches across the two countries, with your Google Pixel or Pixel XL and it will be taken care of. Alternatively, you can also mail it to the same team just in case there is no physical store near you. In this way, your phone will be taken care of by a certified technician using genuine OEM parts.

Google Pixel XL

Apparently, Google Pixel owners will not be required to book an appointment just so as to get their phones fixed the same day. In fact, uBreakiFix already offers this service. You will be charged $129 for repairing a Google Pixel screen, with the larger Pixel XL attracting a fee of $149. This is regardless of the location of the uBreakiFix shop.

It is a good feeling to know that there is a Google-approved shop that can take care of your Google Pixel and Pixel XL issues the same day. Furthermore, the pricing isn’t out of this world, but this shouldn’t a reason to not keep your Pixel phone as safe as possible.

One thought on “uBreakiFix Joins HTC in Offering Google Pixel and Pixel XL Repairs”

  1. Good as this sounds, I just found out that UBREAKIFIX cannot repair damage to the rear glass of Pixel phone. Nor, will Google say to me if it is even possible to repair. Google bragged about the “no hump” camera but break the glass piece on back that covers the camera lens and it will allow light to bleed in and affect your pics with streaking.

    I am stuck now with a faulty camera and no assurance if it can ever be repaired.

    Phone is awesome and was wanting to like it, but lack of repair ability isnt.

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