Xiaomi VR Headset to be announced on 1st August- Entering Virtual Reality

Xiaomi Headset

According to leaks from Android Headlines, Xiaomi’s VR Headset powered by Daydream could be launched anytime now, even on the 1st of August.

The general manager of Xiaomi, Tang Mu, recently affirmed that the company was working on its VR headset and that it would offer compatibility with Daydream. The headset would offer VR experienced that was optimized for users of its Mi user interface devices. This news came from Weibo, as usual. Weibo is a social network that showed a teaser hinting at a 1st August release of this new VR headset. There seems to be pointers to an event for the launch. If it happens and Xiaomi is able to offer a VR headset that is Daydream capable, it will be the first company to announce such a phone.


When Daydream is launched, it will probably not be compatible with any of the phones that are available in the market today. As of now, Huawei is one of the first companies to announce a smartphone that will show compatibility with Daydream. The phone will probably be launched by the end of the year.

The issue with Daydream and other VR projects of Android is that they have high hardware requirement. The smartphones that are available today are not capable of handling such graphic loads and will, therefore, heat up. This will result in frames being dropped and offering a dismal VR experience.

Xiaomi VR Headset

Steering Away – Entering VR

Xiaomi is slowly steering away to new and alternate devices, such as smart cookers and also air purifiers. The company is now on its way to announcing the new VR headset, which is based on Daydream. The reason for entering VR is probably that it has a user interface, MIUI, which is Android based. The phones of the company are shipped based on MIUI and this is only a slightly different Android version, relying a lot on customization features.

Surprise Entry

The entry of Xiaomi at the I/O 2016 held by Google this year was rather a surprise. Xiaomi announced theMi Box, with 4K ability and it is based on the Android TV. However, the company has bigger ambitions. Xiaomi enjoys significant space in the smartphone market and has come up with several interesting offerings in budget phones. If it launches its VR headset, the company can take the experience to a new group of users who have shied away from using this platform.

VR Headset to Come Cheap

According to Android Headlines, the VR Headset that is powered by Daydream will  be cheap. Google has announced that Daydream will be the native platform for its Android OS at the developer conference. The next Android version will have Daydream baked into it, offering more immersive content, compared to present day devices. Smartphones that wish to have compatibility with Daydream will have to adhere to strict guidelines regarding the hardware. This means that Xiaomi must be working on a phone that is compatible with these stringent requirements.

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