Unique Laptop Features You May Not know About

Lenovo ThinkPad P Laptops

Many people use their laptops for several hours each day, yet they only use a few of the available features. Many unknown features can make your daily tasks much easier. Some features just make using the computer more fun, as well. 

Stream your Favorite Games

You may have the latest gaming console, but spend hours playing games on a tiny out-of-date T.V. You may also need to give someone else a turn on the T.V. You can stream games from both Xbox and Playstation to your laptop. Depending on the type of laptop you have (Windows or Mac) you can download the appropriate software to get started. This may include the PS4 Remote Play or One Cast. The Xbox software already comes with Windows. If you need new items for your gaming experience, you can use eBay coupon shopping for great discounts. 

Dark Mode

You may know about dark mode on your phone, however, you can also do this on your computer. You may like to do this for fun, or find it easier on your eyes. It can also make other colors on your display look more vibrant. Check the personal settings on both Windows and Mac computers for this option. 

Annotate Your Screen Shots

Sometimes it seems that files on the computer can become overwhelming, especially when you have a computer for several years. You can keep your screenshots more organized by annotating them. Use the snip and sketch tool to annotate screenshots on Microsoft Windows. For Apple users, simply choose “annotation” in the toolbar. You can add notes and edit as needed to help you remember what each screenshot consists of. If you plan to use the screenshots for a work or school project, you can also add appropriate notes. 

Beyond Basic Wallpaper

While personalizing your computer, you may try all the basic wallpaper options in your settings. You may also add your own photos to make it more exciting. You can, however, download moving wallpaper to enhance your computer’s aesthetic. You can accomplish this much easier with an Apple computer, however, a third-party app can help if you have Windows. Search for “live wallpapers” to find options for your Windows computer. If you have an Apple computer search through the settings for exciting new options. 

Your laptop can do more than you expect it to do. You can learn a lot by simply looking through your settings and trying different things. Many people only use a few items on their toolbars, as well. Many people use their laptops for more than a simple computer. You may use it to play games and watch movies, as well. Many people use their laptops more than their phones to talk to clients and friends. You can enhance your computer experience by learning more about the options on your laptop. Enjoy your favorite games from your gaming console and add animated wallpapers. You can also stay organized with annotated screenshots. Take some time to explore your computer to find all the fun things you may have overlooked. 

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