Unknown LG Mobile Phone (LG-LS777) Passes Bluetooth 4.2 Test


LG has confirmed that it will attend the MWC 2017 show to be held in Spain in the next few weeks and while we know that the LG G6 will be unveiled at this event, details of the phone remain elusive.

There have been quite a number of leaks that have come out with respect to the LG G6, but only a handful of them have been brought forward by the South Korean company. For instance, the company confirmed that the LG G5 successor will ship with a larger 5.7-inch display screen that has a resolution of QHD+. In addition, the tech giant confirmed that the upcoming flagship will not be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, instead, it will do an HTC U Ultra and ship with last year’s revised version of the Snapdragon 820, the SD821.

Before a mobile phone is released, it must first of all go through necessary certification bodies for obvious reasons. Now, one of these bodies is the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) which, as the name suggests, certifies the device with respect to Bluetooth connectivity. Now, in a new development, an unknown LG mobile phone has appeared at the SIG for certification and apparently, it has been confirmed for Bluetooth 4.2, which is the latest version.


The unknown LG mobile phone carries model number LG-LS777 and according to the listing, the phone will support a number of profiles, among them A2DP, AVRCP, HDP, and ScPP, among others. If anything, these are the only details that the listing reveals about this LG phone. As a result, calling it the LG G6 would be complete speculation, especially since LG has recently become unpredictable when it comes to smartphone model numbers.

With about three weeks left before the MWC 2017 event is here, we should be able to know more details about this mysterious LG-LS777 – whether it is the upcoming LG G6 or another device that LG is planning to unveil at the same event. Keep following and we’ll update you!

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