Unknown Moto Phone Leaked – Front Panel has a Dual-Lens Camera and LED Flash

Moto G5 Plus

After doing rounds in rumors, the alleged Moto G5 Plus finally showed up in flesh thanks to a recently leaked prototype of the phone, but the new leak is nothing similar to what previous leaks of the Moto G5 and G5 Plus have shown so far.

Apparently, there is a new image of an unknown Moto phone that is doing rounds on the web. The phone has no resemblance with the leaked Moto G5 Plus or any known Motorola phone that is in the pumps. In short, this is an unknown Moto phone, but it has some catchy features, especially for those who are in love with selfies.

From the leaked image, we are clearly looking at a Moto phone that will be equipped with a dual-lens camera on the front panel. This is not all, but the phone will also come with a LED flash to ensure that you get the best selfies even when in the dark. This is a feature you won’t find on so many phones out there, including Motorola phones, meaning it could be the first Moto phone to come in with such a configuration.

Moto Phone

Other than the front view of this mystery Moto phone, there is nothing much the leak gives out. However, it will be interesting to see Lenovo coming in with a Motorola phone that has a dual-lens selfie camera. As noted earlier, this is a feature you won’t find on many phones. The LG V10 had it but the LG V20 did away with it. There is word that the Vivo V5 Plus will also be shipping with a dual-lens camera on the front, with the phone expected to be launched this coming week.

The physical home button is there and this is where a fingerprint scanner could be mounted. Still, be warned that this is just another leak and as such, take it with a grain of salt. We’ll be following the matter and keep you informed about the latest developments regarding this mysterious Moto phone.

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