How to Use Google Lens on Any Android Phone with Google Photos?

Google Lens

An official announcement is out now that Google Photos is getting a big update on all Android smartphones.

Google Lens, an amazing technology which was exclusive to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will now be available on all devices.

After introducing millions of apps and games on the Google Play Store, the company wanted to make things better for their users in everyday life. Instead of bombarding users with too many apps that they could ever handle, they came up with a great idea. By making use of the power of AI, Lens allows you to easily know more information about many things – a book, an art or a popular monument.

Using Google Lens for Books

One of the most intuitive aspects of using Google Lens is that it allows you to scan any book and make use of Google’s powerful search results to know more about it. The search engine is equipped with details on millions of books available in English and other languages. It should be able to easily find reviews and author info on most books unless they are niche or less popular on the internet. The company plans to add support for more languages so that you can scan books in regional languages to know more about it.

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Traveling is Now Made Easy

Google Lens lets you scan any monument to know more about it. You can even take a photograph of a board and translate it into English or your own language. For example, when you are traveling in Germany and you don’t speak German you can still understand what’s written in any signboard by letting Google’s AI scan to translate the info for you.

Art Lovers – Niche Category

People who love art belong to the niche category as not everyone has the artistic taste to appreciate the art form. For those who do, Google Lens lets you scan an art displayed in a museum, a public spot or a photograph of an art to provide you all the information you need. It provides more details on the artist, the era he belongs to and interesting tidbits about the art.

Google Lens is now being rolled out to all Android smartphones and iOS devices. The augmented reality features will be limited to Pixel phones. Google Assistant will be able to make use of Lens’ capabilities but due to hardware constraints, it will be rolled out only on flagship models from Samsung, Motorola, HTC,and others.

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