Vivo 1816 (Vivo Y91i) with 2GB RAM, Helio P22 SoC visits Geekbench

Vivo 1816

Vivo Y91i, the phone with the model number Vivo 1816, has appeared in Geekbench revealing its mid-range specs.

From the limited information about the phone’s specs appearing on the Geekbench mention, this device would fit into the mid or budget segment of the smartphone market and may be ready for launch in the coming weeks.

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Vivo 1816 Found on Other Certification Sites Earlier

The same Vivo 1816 was seen along with 2 more, 1814 and 1815 in EEC some time back and again in the Thailand certification website, NTBC. These can only indicate that Vivo is planning a multiple market launch for this new phone. From whatever information available so far, this phone is the Vivo Y91i with an octa core MediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762 V/WR) processor which clocks a speed of 2.0 GHz. The phone is likely to come with a display size of around 6 inches and the RAM as indicated in the Geekbench report will be 2 GB. The NTBC certificate does mention the phone’s description as Vivo 1816 (Y91i) and that may put some doubts to rest.

Other Specs Still Unclear

As for the rest of the specifications, some guesses can be made. With the processor and RAM mentioned above, the internal storage may be 16 GB while 32 GB cannot be completely ruled out. You can expect the microSD card slot to be provided, either as a dedicated slot or a hybrid one, assuming it’s a dual SIM phone. The battery capacity can be anywhere between 3000 and 3600 mAh. There is absolutely no indication of the camera setup on the proposed Vivo 1816 (Y91i) smartphone. The operating system can be confirmed to be the Android Oreo version 8.1, as appearing in the Geekbench report.

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Only when Vivo makes an official announcement, one can confirm the rest of the details. Many Chinese manufacturers assign a different name to their devices in the Chinese market and another for the rest of the markets. With the mid segment already very crowded, Vivo has to fix the price of the new phone as well accordingly, to beat the competition.

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