WhatsApp for Android to Automatically Play Consecutive Voice Messages


The upcoming beta version of WhatsApp for Android is all set to bring an exciting feature.

If you have received audio messages on WhatsApp, you would have had to listen to them first and then tap the start button on the second one and so on to completely listen to all of them.

Not anymore.

WhatsApp has brought in an update to its latest version where if the app finds more than one audio message next to each other, it will finish playing the first one and immediately after a short pause start the next and then the next till all the audio messages are played out.

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WhatsApp for Android Beta Version 2.18.362

You may not be able to avail this facility on your phone just yet. The update version submitted by WhatsApp is numbered 2.18.362. This is for uploading on the Google Play Store as a Beta Program within its app. For the iOS users, it would be WhatsApp for iOS 2.18.100. Being Beta, it is not made available to everyone. Select users may get the update and once they try and give the feedback the company will enable the feature for all users universally, either at once or in phases.

WhatsApp is calling this Consecutive voice messages. The user will be able to distinguish if WhatsApp has finished playing all the messages since there will be a different kind of sound to signify when another voice message is coming up to be player and when its finished playing all.

WhatsApp Consecutive Voice Messages


More Such Improvements May Follow

WhatsApp appears to have suddenly found a spark and one is seeing several new features being added in the messaging app one after another. After the conference video call among 4 members in a WhatsApp group, there was the facility to reply directly to a member in the chat group without the other members getting to see the exchange. This feature particularly received some criticism in the social media since users felt it will take away the charm of a group chat if 2 members of the group were to pull away into a private conversation of their own. But still it is an additional feature and many users would have welcomed it in their own way.

Watch this space for more updates of what WhatsApp is up to.


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