Vivo Files Trademarks for Vivo NEX Pro, NEX Neo, NEX Lite, Vivox Pro and Vivox Lite

Vivo V17 Pro

A few days after the official announcement of Vivo NEX 3 and NEX 3 5G, Vivo has filed trademarks for Vivo NEX Pro, NEX Neo and a few other names.

The trademarks have been filed by Vivo Mobile Communication Ltd., on September 19, in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). There are 6 names for which Vivo has applied the trademarks and they are Vivo NEX Pro, Vivo NEX Neo, Vivo NEX Lite, Vivo iQOO Lite, VivoX Pro and VivoX Lite. As of now, the status of the trademarks suggest that they are ‘under examination’.

Vivo Trademarks

Vivo iQOO Lite was supposedly the other name for the recently released Vivo iQOO Youth Edition. Vivo NEX Pro and Vivo NEX Neo could be the successors of NEX 3 released recently or a separate line in the NEX series.

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Vivox Pro and Vivox Lite are pretty new names and the company hasn’t launched anything with this naming convention. However, the company has already trademarked several names with ‘Vivox’ branding.

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Vivo NEX Trademarks

Apart from the NEX Pro, NEX Neo and NEX Lite terms, Vivo had already applied trademarks for several other upcoming phones in its NEX series. These include Vivo NEX V, NEX X, NEX Y, NEX Z and NEX Play.

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Other Trademarks

In the past few months, Vivo has trademarked several names in various series.

  • In the ‘X’ series, the company has trademarked Vivo X15, X23, X27, X29 and X30.
  • In the ‘Y’ series, the company has trademarked Vivo Y11 (2019), Vivo Y19, Vivo Y20s, Y30s and Y70.
  • In the ‘Z’ series, the company has trademarked Vivo Z7 and Vivo Z9.
  • In the new ‘Vivox’ branding, Vivox APEX, Vivox S, Vivox U, Vivox V, Vivox Y, Vivox  Z and Vivox iQOO.

These could be the names of the upcoming phones from Vivo. Some of these could be released later this year in the coming months whereas a few other terms could be the names of phones to be released in 2020.

Featured Image: Vivo V17 Pro