VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates Including Chromecast Support and HDR

VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates Chromecast Support and HDR

VLC is one of the rare players capable of playing every other file and format you throw at it.

The amazing app which is provided for free on major platforms has now received VLC 3.0 with a laundry list of amazing new features including Chromecast support, HDR and many more.

The latest version of the video player has been rolled out on Android, iOS devices, Apple TV, Windows, Linux and every other major platform. The surprising factor about the program is that wherever you go, you will end it finding a version of it running on it ready to take on all the unique file formats. The developers have even launched a version of the same on the Xbox One console for people who use their gaming console as a media box and test its potency with different file formats.

VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates Including Chromecast Support and HDR

With the newest VLC 3.0 update,the app is going much bigger and will officially become the go-to player for all your 4K content. If you have been thinking that the developers are going future proof by introducing 4K, you are kind of wrong because they are pushing the boundaries too higher as the app would now support 8K playback on all major platforms. It will also support 360-degree video, 3D audio and will also introduce HDR support.

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The high color contrast ratio technology HDR is now becoming more prevalent as blurays support it and games support it on the Xbox One X console. 4K televisions from major brands like Sony, LG,and Samsung are being updated with HDR. Even the newly released smartphone from Razer would actually let you watch movies and play games in true HDR.

It’s no wonder VLC 3.0 is an update geared towards the feature and designed to offer the best value for their longtime users. The app supports HDR tone-mapping, HDR on all supported videos and will also allow you tostream content directly to Google Chromecast devices connected to your HDTV. Things are much easier now as you should be able to easily cast movies, television series and music videos directly from your phone to the TV using Chromecast support.

VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates

The new release has some technical features as well the average user may not mind but for others, it supports 10 bit video, audio pass through for HD audio codecs and you should also be able to easily stream connect from a NAS located in the same network as the VLC media player. Sources from a bluray can now be watched on your computers with full menu functionality.

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