Volkswagen Scirocco to Become a Sporty EV Coupe

Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen has decided that the Scirocco should be refreshed to join the new lineup.

Instead of trying to compete in the general coupe series, the automobile brand has decided to turn it into a refreshing sporty all-electric coupe.

In the new revamped version, the two-door car will be mounted on top of the newly developed MEB platform. The plan sounds very plausible because even though the overall size of the Scirocco is small, the new platform will allow engineers to mount enough battery packs and the electric motor within its compact frame. With this implementation, Volkswagen gains multiple advantages. They get to change one of their popular models into the EV lineup, keep its compact dimension while offering maximum mile range making it a reliable All-Electric coupe that buyers would opt for.

Volkswagen Scirocco Sporty EV

A couple of exclusive images have been released online by Volkswagen that gives a quick look of what to expect from the revamped coupe. The name Scirocco is derived from the original Volkswagen car released back in the 1974. Doing justice to the original, the engineers and designers have joined hands to ensure many of the iconic design elements from the car released decades ago is retained in the new model.

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“When we first got the idea, majority of the team was intimidated because we were not sure how we could actually execute it and bring it to life. After much debate, we came upon multiple ideas to implement it in reality and the interesting concept came into being. Making it as an electric car was another challenge we encountered but later loved. This could be the most fun car buyers have seen in recent times and maintains a very compact shape with very little footprint,” said Volkswagen’s R&D boss DR Frank Welsch.

Volkswagen Scirocco Sporty EV Coupe

Apart from the Scirocco, Volkswagen has also planned to develop an all-electric SUV. There will be a significant gap between the coupe and SUV as VW doesn’t want to create competitors within their own models. By creating such a gap, the company ensures there is enough space for the coupe to find marginal sales in the market. Besides, the R&D boss also added that their new sporty compact coupe was never designed for the family.

Majority of their buyers and long running Volkswagen customers have a clear idea what Scirocco looks and feels like. We have maintained the same even in the new car and a small family should go with T-Roc. Not the 2018 Volkswagen Scirocco electric car!

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