What are 2020’s Biggest Tech Trends?

As we head to the second decade in the 20th century, business is growing at a tremendous rate with changes in technology. Most of these changes are happening all over the globe, with some touching our personal lives deeply. Nonetheless, all these technological trends will have a great impact on businesses and the way people work.

Here are the top seven biggest tech trends that will be happening in 2020.

1. More Robots To Replace Human Efforts

Robots are probably the biggest change happening in the workplace today. In 2020, more businesses are expected to replace human tasks with machines, doing everything from window cleaning to managing inventory. As a result, anyone who holds a transaction-based business or job might have to consider a career change soon.

2. 3D Printing

In 2020, we can expect to see 3D printers using a mix of different materials and accelerate the discovery of new materials. Today, advancements in the software industry are amplifying the power of 3D printing, disrupting the high-volume manufacturing industry. As such, this technology plays a huge role in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

3. Mobile Apps Will Redefine The Service Industry

Currently, the smartphone app market is booming, though the technology’s real effects will be felt in diverse service industries such as the Taxi business. The industry is also expected to continue rising, with the emergence of new technologies such as Artificial intelligence, 5G wireless services, and the Internet of Things.

4. Reinventing Entertainment

With the growth in the app market alongside smart entertainment devices, there’s a notable change in consumer behavior in the entertainment industry. It will also be one of 2020’s top trends. Such trends will continue shaping the entertainment industry, giving it a new face by the end of the year. You can expect to see more on-demand entertainment platforms, as new technologies like virtual and augmented reality continuing to offer new options.

5. Control On Mobile Payment Systems

One of the biggest questions in the app market today is who processes and get’s the cash from mobile payment services. There will be a fierce battle between banks, telecommunications companies, software developers, and credit card companies, as the online payments market is expected to be a major business in the coming decade.

6. Newspapers Go Extinct

While social media has brought lots of benefits to the users, one of its major effects is that it spells doom for newspapers in 2020. Today, most people rely on social media to get the latest information, while others use mobile apps to get verified news without having to carry around a newspaper. As a result, the newspaper market will continue decreasing, and they might cease to exist before the end of the decade.

7. Nano-Technology In Medicine

From smart pills to nano-bots for magnetic microsurgery, nano-technology is among 2020’s top trends in the healthcare sector. Today, researchers all over the world are in the process of developing special nano-bots to perform different surgeries, though human testing is still a few years away. Nonetheless, market experts estimate that the global nanotech market will be worth over $125 billion by 2024, with the global smart pill market hitting $650 million by 2025.

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