What is New in the Mozilla Firefox Beta 46.0 APK for Android?

Mozilla Firefox for Android

Although Android is Google’s very own offering, surprisingly, it is Mozilla Firefox that is the preferred browser in these smartphones.

Available for download from the Google Play Store and ruling the browser arena, Mozilla’s offering takes precedence over Opera, UC Browser, and Chrome with its periodic updates. In short, three primary features that contribute to making the Firefox a hot favorite mobile browser are – it is quite powerful, safe and secure, and fast.

Android and Firefox fans will be glad to note that a new version of the Firefox APK file (with version number 46.0 and build #2015409865) has been just launched with significant updates that make it worth trying out. Additionally, a bunch of features have been introduced that were not there before in the earlier versions. Sized at close to 42MB, this lightweight file is supported by all gadgets running on Android 4.0.3 and higher versions of the operating system.

Some Key Features in Firefox Beta 46.0 APK

The click-to-view images option is a new feature that is all set to offer a huge benefit in your data usage. Featured under the Advanced Settings section in the browser menu, you can choose or make a decision for yourself about which items should get displayed on the browser page when it gets loaded. This can help in conservation of data usage and in turn lessen your mobile bills if you are using your cellular data plan. So, if you are experiencing a slow Internet connection on your handset and wanting to turn off those animated images that are taking way too much time to download, this is your chance.

As soon as the browser is installed, it displays an information message stating its inability to support Android Honeycomb and lower version users. If you are one of these users, you will see this message even as you try to do the installation and the installation process comes to a halt.

A toggle option has been added to the user interface to render a much better experience for family browsing. This option can be used to disable the sharing of microphones and cameras depending upon the preference of the person using the browser.

History and Bookmark options feature as part of the menu items that make the process of accessing them quite easy as compared to prior versions of the mobile browser. The shortcut icons on the home screen of the browser are also now far better defined.

Mozilla Firefox

The browser provides partial support for offline access of web pages. Web pages that were cached earlier can now be viewed without an Internet connection. This is helpful if you do not have either a Wi-Fi network or a cellular data plan.

While inline auto-completion by itself makes the user’s task easier to get done, Firefox takes it a step ahead by offering various standard domain name choices. All that the user has to do is to select the desired domain name, thus saving the time needed to type out this.

Earlier, when notifications were displayed about open tabs, there was no mention about the URLs associated with them. This made it a bit of a challenge in associating the notification with the right URL. With the present APK file, for each notification, the corresponding URL is also displayed. This makes it easier to take any required action if needed.

For Android devices running on Android 6.0 and higher, Firefox will request for permissions required when it is needed during runtime instead of the initial installation stage.

A Few Updates to Existing Features

The following are a few updates to some of the existing mobile Firefox browsers.

The previous browser versions included the source URL as part of the shared text along with the text selected from the web page for sharing. In the present APK, only the user selected text will be shared.

App settings have been restructured to make them more re-organized and optimized. Similarly, many security fixes have been addressed for the user’s well-being and safety.

The admin UI is now more simplified on Android tablets to make the browsing experience quite family-friendly in restricted mode.

At present, the APK file is available for download only from third party websites. You can download the file following some very simple and easy to follow steps mentioned on the website. Once the final file is fully developed and passes through all the testing phases, you will be able to download the browser for installation directly from the app store just as you do for any other app.

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