Google Pixel 2 Wishlist – 5 Features that’d Make us Satisfied

OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel 2

Google’s first ever real attempt into the hardware market was enough proof that for a smartphone to be considered perfect, it’s all about what it carries on the inside and not the outside appearance.

Of course, some will be quick to dismiss this statement, but the fact remains that the Google Pixel, with its pure-Android experience and super-fast hardware specs, is the best smartphone to have come from the year 2016. One other thing that we’ll probably side with many others is that the Pixel was not the best in terms of design, especially when the likes of Galaxy S7 Edge come into play. This case has been worsened by the release of the Galaxy S8, which makes the Pixel and Pixel XL look like they’re from years ago.

But the good side of the story is that the search engine giant has the chance to make amends and probably surpass the achievements of the Galaxy S8 later this year. This chance will come in the form of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone – and here’re 5 features that we think will give the Pixel 2 a chance to go against the S8, especially in areas where the original Pixel slightly missed out.

A better design

As we recently pointed out, the Google Pixel has the best user experience, but the Galaxy S8 is great to look at. Well, a phone is not meant for pulling out of the pocket and staring at its curves and beauty, rather, a phone is meant to give you different services. It is how this phone serves you that really matters at the end of the day. It wouldn’t matter having the most beautiful phone with a not-so-good user experience, but it would be world class to have a phone that has the looks and gives you the best user experience.

Google Pixel 2

We are talking the Google Pixel 2 in this case. If Google can do something to the design and keep up with the spirit of pure Android OS, there’s no doubt that the Pixel 2 will be the best phone this year. We’ve seen a number of concepts that give us an insight of what the phone could look like and it’d be our wish if Google borrowed some tips from these designs. Shed off a bit of those bezels, come in with a premium metal and glass design and do something about the scratch-prone glass and we’ll end up with a near-perfect Pixel 2 phone.

IP68 certification

Samsung has been using IP68 dust and water resistance certification for a while now. But this was a major disappointment when the Google Pixel came without any form of water resistance (IP53 is a joke for a flagship device). With many OEMs taking this direction, it would be absurd if the Google Pixel 2 came without IP68 certification, if not IP67 like the iPhone 7 and HTC U11.

Better audio quality

Lately, we are seeing some real competition in the audio department, especially when LG flagships come into play. The LG V20 and LG G6 are superb when it comes to audio and the Google Pixel 2 can also join the party with some upgrades of its own.

HTC was in charge of making the Google Pixel and with the audio quality that usually accompanies HTC devices, one would have expected better performance from the Pixel. But instead, quite the opposite happened, which is why it would be our pleasure to see some improvements in this department, be it via DAC, an inbuilt amp or even dual speakers. There are claims that Android O will be here to enhance audio performance of Android devices. Who else to lead this enhanced performance if not the Google Pixel 2?

Google Pixel 2

A superior camera

We all know the qualities of the Google Pixel camera, but we have a new winner in this department. According to DxOMark, the HTC U11 has a rating of 90 compared to 89 achieved by the Pixel. Despite its subpar design, one of the Google Pixel’s main selling features has remained to be the camera. If the Google Pixel 2 is to survive this tough battle, matching or beating the HTC U11 should be the main target here.

We’ve seen a premium-looking Google Pixel 2 with a dual-lens camera on the back as well as a similar setup on the front panel. However, this is a concept which has nothing to do with Google. Still, it would be a welcome idea if Google took this direction, similar to the likes of iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6 and Huawei P10.


One thing that has meant the Google Pixel wasn’t near selling the millions of units the likes of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus managed is the availability of the phone. Getting hold of a Pixel or Pixel XL has remained to be a major challenge for many potential buyers. This is one thing that the Google Pixel 2 needs to fix and so far, the signs are good. Ensuring a constant supply of the Pixel 2 would be a massive step towards Google achieving almost the same status in the smartphone industry as Apple and Samsung.

Bonus: A better battery capacity for the smaller Pixel 2

We expect to see more than two Google Pixel 2 handsets, at least according to some of the latest discoveries. One should succeed the Pixel and another will take the place of the Pixel XL. As for the third device, there’s still some confusion on whether it will be a tablet or a phablet aimed at competing with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Google Pixel 2

While the Google Pixel XL had an amazing battery life with the 3450mAh unit on board, the same cannot be said regarding the smaller Pixel, which has a mere 2770mAh unit. If this could be pushed to at least 3000mAh (assuming the screen size won’t change), it would indeed make the Google Pixel 2 a really exciting phone to have. It gets even better knowing that a Snapdragon 835 will be running the show, a processor that is said to improve battery life by demanding less energy while executing different processes compared to the Snapdragon 821.

Samsung has disappointed on the battery capacity front and Google is able to take advantage of this loophole, it will once again give current Pixel or even Nexus owners to make a shift to the Pixel 2 once it’s here.

If you think that we’ve missed something that you’d love to see on the Google Pixel 2, feel free to jump into the discussion via the comments section below.