WhatsApp Aiming to Connect Business Users Worldwide with WA Enterprise


WhatsApp has some big plans under the sleeve and based on some of their codes revealed recently, the developers seems to be working hard on the WA Enterprise.

The feature is little known to common users and it is still powered by the same WhatsApp messenger that millions use around the globe. Instead of focusing primarily on selfies and message sharing, the new update will provide all the features a business user needs. The developer team is simultaneously working on improving the structured messages and to introduce some new features to it.

WhatsApp with WA Enterprise

There is a secret section, reports WABetaInfo in which the BIZ information is being collated regularly. BIZ stands for Business Internet Zone and the info they are collection includes all languages. In the digital era, the world is known as a global village and WhatsApp aims to make it true by connecting users from every country and allowing them to communicate in their own language without translation issues.

From the information available, we can safely assume that the idea is to allow different people in group discuss business stuff in any language they are comfortable with. The end user will receive them in their own language. Microsoft has been working on this for a very long time and they have even come up with a feature allows Skype uses to voice call with a real time translation feature. Google has one of the best translation services available on the web but there are hardly any such reliable translation system built into mobile messenger apps.

In another post, it is said that the idea is to make WA Enterprise an international service that is readily understood by users from any part of the world. Structured Messages are another important feature in WhatsApp beta which now includes a spellcheck for plural words, can automatically download the language pack necessary to convert a message from a different language. If the app doesn’t have an active internet connection, it will try one more time or after 60 minutes to download the information necessary to match the language of the end user.


A couple more updates are expected to be out at a later time and we will keep you in the loop as WhatsApp Beta version continues to grow with newer, more useful features. The WA Enterprise and the Structured Messages update will be available on all platforms including iOS, Android, possibly Windows Phone. Many of the updates will to be rolled out on mobile version of the app will be made available on WhatsApp Web at a later point.

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