Whatsapp May Launch a Standalone App for Business Customers


Whatsapp is going to focus strongly on business users and they may soon release a version of the instant messaging app primarily focused on those who need to communicate on a daily basis with an official group.

The prevalent adoption of Whatsapp had made it the most used communication app throughout the globe. The issues came up when users had to rely on the same app to talk to friends, family as well as office mates because private stuff or media content may wrongly end up being shared with a different group. Besides, the same interface for work and home could also be emotionally wrong as you may feel you are working round the clock even when you are supposed to relax.

Whatsapp announcement

The developers of the app are coming up with a unique and practical idea to put an end to all this. They will soon roll out a standalone app which will nearly look and behave like the original Whatsapp but will have lot of minor tweaks to make it business friendly. At the moment, it has been named as Whatsapp for Small and Medium Business for Android. Considering the length of the title, it could probably be a tentative title the team used until they come up with a proper one to be used on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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In other update, it is also being said that they are not going to roll out an individual app but rather a software update to switch between profiles on Whatsapp. It will enable users to have friends list in one window, official chats in one and other groups in a completely different window to avoid any confusion when they work with it. The original Whatsapp should always be installed on the smartphone for this upcoming add-on or possibly a new app to work because it will sync data with the same servers as well as retrieve old conversations from multiple chat windows at once.

Whatsapp standalone app

Whatsapp developers had been working on this idea for a very long time and it isn’t something they thought of in the recent past. Structured messages are similar to an e-mail chain on your Gmail account where messages pertaining to the same conversation will be maintained within the same window for easy perusal. A business verified account will also be introduced which will help companies introduce customer care service, employee discussion forum and more in a legitimate manner while avoiding spam and scams.

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