Whatsapp Should Allow Users to Decline Group Invitations, Here’s Why? 


The development team behind Whatsapp is working really hard and long rolling out so many updates.

But, with over a billion users and so many features there are still plenty to go and the ability to decline an invitation is still missing.

Recently, the developers confirmed that they are working on allowing administrators to have better control over the groups, mute or remove participants easily and also verified business accounts. But, that doesn’t seem to be enough because a bunch of users have come up with this new suggestion and it sounds very reasonable that the developers should consider it real quick.

Whatsapp Should Allow Users to Decline Group Invitations

Groups have become a big part of the texting app because there is a group for everything and everyone. Right from family groups to work groups and other setups, everyone invites people they know and add them to the group. But, before you sign up to it, there is no option to accept or decline an invitation. The invite doesn’t provide any information with regards to the people inside a particular setup which further complicates the matter.

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The users suggest that they often end up being invited to spam where there are hardly any people and only a bunch of bots. At times, a large number of users are randomly picked and sent invitations. With no option to decline, they will be immediately added to the Whatsapp group thus exposing their private number and a spammer can choose to save all their numbers so as to send spam repeatedly.

Whatsapp Allow Users to Decline Group Invitations

In the Twitter channel, the user suggests that if there is an option to accept or decline an invitation it will save them a lot of trouble. Besides, being able to know more information about any group before agreeing to be a part of it is mandatory as the information shared in random meets are often spam or illegal stuff that could land the user in trouble.

The developers of Whatsapp are sure to take note of this request because they have been part of the popular Twitter account WABetaInfo and regularly take inputs from the users who share their opinions there. It will definitely be a welcome addition if there is an option to decline group invites in the near future. With new updates being rolled out regularly, there is no doubt Whatsapp will also get this feature as part of their update cycle to protect privacy and improve user experience.

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