Whatsapp to Provide Verified Business Accounts, Just like Twitter

With increased number of apps, the sheer number of spams and fake accounts trying to pose as business has drastically increased.

The new Whatsapp update aims to bring things under control by providing a favorable platform for both businesses and customers.

The newest update which is still in beta will soon be rolled out. It will introduce an interesting new feature to the app, verified business accounts. It is widely known that a lot of companies rely on the app for their official communication, to stay in touch with employees and to provide better customer service. In upcoming Whatsapp updates, the app will feature a specific area to add basic business information and business info. The section will allow users to easily know more about the company, their services and what they have to offer.

Whatsapp Just like Twitter

The first step that all small, medium business establishments could do is create a business account. It will be an unverified account but can still be used by customers to communicate, send messages, queries and keep in touch with the brand’s new updates. Just like Twitter which provides verified accounts for a very long time, Whatsapp has now joined the bandwagon and will soon allow companies to get the coveted green tick mark making it easier for customers to know if they are dealing with a verified account.

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By providing this service, it makes it easier to avoid spam and scams from taking place. A lot of phone numbers are being used to send fake messages to users to steal private data or money which can be avoided through this method. Business establishments also have the option to provide a complete customer care solution through Whatsapp. They can provide their working hours and working days within which any user can message to get their queries immediately answered.

Whatsapp Verified Business Accounts

Besides, the latest update for Whatsapp will also allow a business to setup automatic messages when they are not available for immediate contact, an away message for prolonged holidays and many more. The terms and conditions to be met before a company can have a verified Whatsapp account is not listed at this moment. It is expected to be done at a later time after the Android update is rolled out. The feature should eventually be introduced on Whatsapp iOS version as well in the near future. Business verified accounts can later be withdrawn from the associated phone number and transferred to a new number when required.

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