Whatsapp for Android 2.17.264 Will Bring New Text Editing, Photo Sharing and More Features

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A major share of the users believe that the developers of Whatsapp aren’t doing a good job in rolling out the updates.

If you get to explore them closely, you will find that they are actually working on dozen different important features but at the same time they are stressed out while making sure the app doesn’t crash when the features are made available.

Considering the immense popularity of the app, it is understandable that the team is keen on making sure Whatsapp on Android 2.17.264 and other future updates doesn’t crash the app. Users may want everything including live location sharing, ability to send multiple files and use structured messages all at once. But, the same user community will lose their cool if the app shows any sign of slowing down during operation. It is one of the biggest communication platforms of today where all personal and business communications take place.

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Among many new features heading to the app, group description plays an important role. When it is introduced, admins of the group will be able to specify the actual purpose of the group. Any link shared can be used by members to invite more users. When any user taps on the shared link, an option will be provided to them so that one can choose to either join or decline the invitation. The description will not stay hidden when the link is shared. It makes it easier for the intended person to make an informed decision and in case if they find the group offensive or not related to things they like, they can simply ignore the link.

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Whatsapp will soon support Android 8.0

Android 8.0 also known as Android O is the upcoming big release from Google. The operating system will be available on upcoming flagship models and also older devices that can support the changes. Whatsapp Android 2.17.265 will support Android O and along with it, the developers have also decided to bring in something more interesting. You will no longer be required to close a video call. With Picture in Picture mode, the video call size can be reduced so that you can reply to other Whatsapp messages while still on the call.

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With Android version 2.17.266, new text formatting options will be introduced in Whatsapp allowing users to change the look and feel of content they send. The developers will also soon add structured messages and other business users focused features in the following weeks.

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