WhatsApp Android Users Can Download Gif from Links, Send upto $77 Using the App

WhatsApp for Android 2.17.132

The latest WhatsApp Android version 2.17.132 is about to bring some new features and one of them is the ability to allow users to download Gifs from links.

Viewing gif images on WhatsApp has always been tough because too many users keep sharing them in groups. While gif files are usually supported within the app, you cannot directly view those sent using a link in the interface. Any user has to click on it and the link will open in a mobile browser to display the image. Instead of having to go through such steps, the newest update will allow users to directly download any gif image from the link.

WhatsApp for Android 2.17.132

A screenshot of the interface has been posted online. The app will automatically recognize the gif file and will create a tap to download icon. Once you tap on it, it will be downloaded to your gif folder which you can browse and watch the gif or choose to delete them so as to keep your phone memory free.

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The developers have been constantly exploring the concept of introducing payments using the app. WhatsApp on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platform will soon allow you to send payments. However it will be extremely limited on start and will later be extended to send increased sum of money. The update confirmed that users will be able to send just $77 at first in all regions and may later be allowed to do higher level of transactions.

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By allowing millions of users to send and receive money via an app, WhatsApp will operate more like a bank and will have to undergo strict security regulations imposed in different parts of the world. Besides, they should also tie up with local banks in order to successfully complete transactions and keep track of what users are sharing. Keeping it at the lowest possible sum will allow the developers to test the integrity of the service and how people are using it before rolling it out on a large scale platform.

WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone

On WhatsApp Windows Phone version 2.17.126, users can share multiple contact cards at once. It’s designed to make it easy to share a bunch of contacts without having to do them individually which is a time consuming process. Many of the updates are still hidden and are expected to be rolled out to users in the upcoming update cycle on iOS and Android.