WhatsApp May Soon have Gif Support and Pinned Chats

WhatsApp Gif Support

The latest update from the makers of WhatsApp is that the team is working to add Gif support to the app and introduce pinned chats.

Gifs are very common these days as almost every website and many apps support it. Allowing their users to be able to express themselves better is what WhatsApp developers are trying to accomplish. The information suggests that the company is finding ways that will allow their users to send Gifs by using Google GBoard. It is in its nascent stage and might take months before being officially rolled out on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

WhatsApp Gif Support

Messaging apps like Google Allo, Yahoo Messenger were designed recently. They were made from the ground up to support Gif images. However, these apps are not hugely popular and don’t have the user base WhatsApp has. The developer team is also working to bring old status messages pack so that you no longer have to add something new every day.

The ability to pin chats is another handy feature users have been asking for a very long time. With so many groups and individual users sending you messages on a daily basis, it becomes really tedious to be able to find the one you need. The concept of pinning a message to top is very common in e-mails and now with the increased use of messaging apps, it seems they are to be implemented in the mobile scenario as well.

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Pinned chat could be rolled out to Windows Phone, iOS and Android version of the app pretty soon compared to Gif support which may take time. The developers are yet to discuss their future plans for WhatsApp and how they plan to make it more intuitive so as to stay ahead of the competition. In an attempt to imitate Snapchat, the new status messages were introduced.

WhatsApp for Android 2.17.111

The status was to be uploaded everyday with a photo, video or gif image which will automatically get deleted in 24 hours. WhatsApp users were hardly excited by this new addition that didn’t add any value to the messaging app. The old status is now coming back and they are also focusing on adding structured messages, live translation for apps so that businesses could make use of the group chats to host live meets with people from around the globe. The feature will structurally be rolled out to iOS, Android devices in different regions.

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When you revoke the group link in WhatsApp Android 2.17.11, a message will be sent to group members to notify them the link has been changed.

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