Whatsapp Users Get New Colors and Fonts for Text Based Status Updates


Whatsapp users now get a whole new way to create more colorful and addictive text based status messages.

The app first received the ability to share statuses with text and later videos, photos were added.

The concept of status messages is very similar to the ones found in Facebook, Snapchat among many popular apps. It allows users to express themselves, their mood to other people and friends in a creative way. Most people wouldn’t like the text based statuses as they find photos and videos more captivating. However, with the new update it should allow users to make themselves more expressive with the words they love.

Whatsapp status

Inspired by Facebook, Whatsapp now supports colorful text messages on both iOS and Android devices. With the feature being rolled out to the desktop version, users will be able to create and edit their status messages on the desktop as well. It’s not just providing new fonts and colorful backgrounds. According to the developers, the app can be used to remind a group to send you the address for a party or let a family group know a vacation plan. A lot of things can be achieved making use of the combined features provided in the new Status update.

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One of the important things that all users should know is that they don’t have to allow everyone to read their status texts. Sometimes, it could be a private affair and other times it may lead to people knowing everything about your activity leading to security issues. Either way, the Whatsapp team wants you to know that there is a privacy setting option. You can choose to select the list of people who will receive your status update. Options available include all my contacts, contacts except or only share with.

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There is also an option to reply to an update as soon as you view a status message. Be it a gif, image or a video, all you have to do is tap on the reply button and drop a comment. Obviously, the idea behind creating status messages, be it on Facebook or Whatsapp is to get comments from your close circle. The app allows you to get it done with ease. Another privacy option is the one that lets you view who has viewed your status updates. It shows a list of contacts of those who had seen it.

The new status update is now available on Whatsapp iOS and Android editions.

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