WhatsApp Web Versions No Longer Works with Blackberry and Symbian

WhatsApp Web Desktop

The web version of the biggest messaging platform WhatsApp no longer supports Blackberry and Symbian operating systems.

In their desktop version, the team has removed the instruction that says how it works with Blackberry, Symbian. The iPhone, Android and Windows Phone versions will continue to work with WhatsApp Web. The Symbian OS which was popular with older Nokia phones and some select models aged gracefully paving way for iOS, Android. While it has been more of an obsolete operating system for many years, WhatsApp developers continued to support it so that feature phone users can access it on the web.

Whatsapp Web Versions

A surprising announcement is that the web version of the messaging app will not work with Blackberry as well. Going by the trend, it won’t be surprising if they soon retire support for both Symbian and Blackberry devices. The smartphone manufacturer is already having a tough time coping up and none of their devices succeeded in the past few years. Their attempt at making an Android phone didn’t prove positive either and if the biggest app would withdraw support, it won’t be long before everyone else choose to jump of the sinking boat.

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Earlier, the founders of WhatsApp expressed their interest to move forward and introduce new features to the app.As part of their plan, they announced that a new Status message which is very similar to Snapchat is coming to the application. It will allow iOS and Android users to share photos, messages and videos which will automatically get deleted after 24 hours. The concept should make it much easier for anyone to let their followers and friends know what they are up to without privacy issues.

It is yet to be fully rolled out but should be available on all devices in most regions. The new Status tab will be added to your WhatsApp interface. You can open it to browse updates from contacts, share your own and see people’s comments on your daily activities. The Status feature is a combination of statuses on Facebook and the Snapchat feature that automatically deletes the files so that they are not stored permanently in the recipients’ device.

WhatsApp Web Desktop

The developers have discussed this in their official blog. But, they didn’t talk about future support for Blackberry devices. But, the operating system is no longer relevant and will eventually cease to exist on any device. WhatsApp devs promise to add more exciting and useful features including location sharing of people in a group. It could be part of the latest update or might be rolled out in the following weeks.

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