WhatsApp Beta 2.17.56 for Android will Delete Messages in Database to Increase Privacy


With the developers planning to roll out WhatsApp Enterprise and other business related features, they are also focusing on privacy giving users complete control over their messages.

A lot of messages may be sent back and forth during a WhatsApp conversation. The upcoming beta version for Android 2.17.56 will introduce the option for users to delete their messages not only from their phones and other devices but from the company’s official database. The setup favors you by allowing you to completely get rid of personal messages that are no longer needed and to avoid them being retrieved by someone else.

WhatsApp Enterprise

The feature will be disabled by default to make sure you don’t delete all your messages. However, once you activate it there will be no other way to retrieve those messages. It will also enable the developers of WhatsApp to free up space in their database. Right now, they are storing all the possible content in their database servers that requires a whole lot of space. However, they no longer have to worry about this responsibility once user chooses to delete the content everywhere.

The increased privacy controls will definitely appeal to a lot of business users and others who don’t want their messages to be retrieved again. Recently, WhatsApp team has been rolling out multiple privacy features. They are also working on a wide range of add-ons including structured messages, the ability to update status videos, photos or messages to a specific group of contacts.

WhatsApp beta two step verification

The two step verification introduced in WhatsApp beta will be an essential addition for all users. When you try to login to the app from a new device or if someone tries to do, they should enter the secure password. Your phone number will also be linked with your e-mail id. If you forgot the password by any chance, it is possible to retrieve it by using your e-mail address and no third party can use your WhatsApp account using a simple phone number. More new updates are expected shortly according to WABetaInfo Twitter channel. It should make the app more useful, secure and reliable.

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