Whatsapp Will Soon Display Info on Unknown Numbers


Whatsapp is becoming better and more reliable with each passing day.

The developers are working to ensure users get the best possible experience when they rely on the app to get all things done at once.

The latest version of the app already supports voice and video calling, allows users to set text statuses and send multiple files over the app. But, that’s just now enough because security and privacy continues to be an increased concern for most users. There are times when a random person may send you a message or make a call.


For the average Android user, they can identify who is calling them by using an app called Truecaller. It is quite famous and has a massive database collected from millions of users worldwide. However, Whatsapp on iOS and Android which lacked such a feature will soon add the ability to let you know who is calling you.

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The developers have confirmed that they are working on the latest Whatsapp for Android version 2.17.330 in which a contact card will be displayed whenever a call arrives from a person who is not in your contact list. The contact info will include the name of the person calling, their last seen and an about column to make it easy for you to avoid the call if it has to be.

whatsapp display unknown numbers

Whenever a person signs up a phone number with the app, they should provide their basic information so as to gain access to the free service. This allows the team to gather all the information they need from millions of Whatsapp users. The same will be used to create the contact card which will boost privacy and security. You no longer have to attend a call to find who is calling as all the data required will be displayed at a glance.

In other news, Whatsapp developers are also working to find a way to compress image sizes on a whole new level so that it is easy to send tens of images without losing quality. The app is one of the primary medium for media professionals, businesses and brands to share photos within their team or to their clients. Previously, a maximum of ten photos can be sent at once. The limit has now been increased and by compressing photographs, the app makers allow users to use very little data when they send a bunch of images over Whatsapp. Saving data usage is of the primary concern for most app developers these days.

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