Everything You Need to Know: Volvo XC40 SUV Latest Edition Specs and Photos

Volvo XC40 SUV

The Volvo XC40 SUV has received an upgrade and is the latest edition available in dealership stores.

The car was supposed to have had its own launch in a week’s time. But, one national importer couldn’t wait for it and leaked everything you need to know about the model.

When the new XC40 gets launched, it will directly rival the Audi Q2, Q3 and the BMW X1. Usually, leaks consist of photos and specification details. However, this time the company accidentally leaked an entire video that shows how the new car would look like. Based on the visuals, it is clear that the upcoming SUV will fill the spot after the bigger XC90 and the XC60.

Volvo XC40 SUV front

The company’s popular Thor’s hammer headlight is found in the new Volvo XC40 SUV which has evolved into a sharp design. The side profile of the model is sleek and small so that it can easily be differentiated from the other models in the same lineup. A couple of new features can be found in the interior of the vehicle including support for wirelessly charging your smartphone, flexible loadspace making the boot bigger than before and textured materials used on the inside for better comfort.

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For the first time, the car has been constructed on top of a completely new architecture. It is based on the Compact Modular Architecture, simply known as CMA. The design is handled by a Chinese owner named Geely along with the Swedish Manufacturer. Being a new platform, it is expected to significantly boost the space available for the engineers to work on. A brand new set of components are used to construct the chase, making it more sturdy and long lasting.

Volvo XC40 SUV rear

An official reveal for the Volvo XC40 SUV is scheduled to take place on September 21st which is just a week to go. The leak has revealed a lot of information with regards to the car before the auto brand could talk about it during the launch. On launch, buyers will be able to choose between three-cylinder and four-cylinder petrol engines. A diesel engine option is also part of the range of variants provided by the company.

Being the innovative company that Volvo is, the engineers have planned to launch plug-in hybrid and pure-electric variants of the XC 40 SUV making it eco-friendly. They may not be available on launch date but will soon be rolled out as additional trimline options to choose from.

Image credits : Autoexpress.co.uk

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