Whatsapp Will Finally Delete All Messages Including the Notification Center


Whatsapp is supposed to be a very reliable and useful communication tool that has its fair share of issues for a very long time.

One of the most basic features which was missing from the app for years is finally about to be rolled out.

The developers are working on making Whatsapp recall option a reliable feature. After all, when you delete the message from the conversation window, it should obviously be deleted everywhere right? It won’t until now! The problem with deleting a message on the app is that when you do so, it should be done within a couple of minutes. If you try to delete it after an hour or so in case the recipient hasn’t viewed it yet, the feature wouldn’t work.

Whatsapp Delete All Messages

Such a time limitation was very annoying for most users because there are many situations when the intended recipient may not have received the message or wouldn’t have seen it yet. Recalling it in time in case you don’t want them to see it is a life saver in many occasions. The recall or revoke feature which was later fixed will bring the message back but there are so many other ways to view it even if the sender deleted it.

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Deleting Messages Everywhere

While the feature is still in its beta, users should be very delighted to know that Whatsapp is going to finally delete the message you sent everywhere. They will not only delete it on their server but will communicate with the recipient’s phone so that it is deleted from the notification center.

Such an update is essential because in Motorola phones, you can simply wave your hand and the message will instantly be displayed. Similarly, Xiaomi phones has notifications displayed in the notification center without having to unlock the phone. In order to complete remove it, the message should be removed from the Android notification area in the core operating system.

Whatsapp Notification Center

Whatsapp developers are working on making the delete message feature work as it should. Soon, they will also roll out pinned chats making it easier to keep only what matters on top of your app, verified business and categorize businesses so that it is easy for customers to access them for queries when required. The Whatsapp icon that shows on the notification bar in Android when a call is in progress has now been changed into a phone icon so that it doesn’t look out of place.

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