Why do cable companies push phone service?

Many cable companies usually push phone service because when you bundle your service, you get a discount on all the services in the bundle. If you bundle all the services, you might get a good deal. In this modern world, everything is advanced. People are switching to wireless phone service as you get a lot of other features with the mobile phone service. You can use the same number to send SMS text messages. With the mobile phone service, you can do the calling anywhere anytime and you can use internet service with the mobile data but some features come with just the landline service. Today we are going to talk about those features and we are going to tell you if getting a landline service today is a wise decision or not.

Why should I get a landline service?

With the landline service, you get a lot of features that are not offered by mobile phone service. The landline phone service is perfect for both residential and business purposes. Keeping a landline service is a smart move even if it costs you a little extra but you’ll have your peace of mind with you. With the landline, you can have more than one connection and can have the same number. With the cell phone, you can face a lot of issues like if the battery is dead and there is a power outage, you won’t be able to use your mobile phone service. In case of an event of an electrical outage, the landline phone service will work perfectly fine and you can keep yourself connected with your friends and family. The following are some of the other advantages you get with the landline phone service.

Clear voice

With the landline service, you get a clear, crystal, and consistent voice quality. The landline phone service offers you voice clarity. With the cell phone service, if you are in a partial coverage area, you will be facing issues regarding your signals as the signals are transmitted through the air. The voice will fade in and out that can be extremely frustrating but with the landline, you don’t face voice quality issues or signal drops issues, as the signals are transmitted through the cable. The landline phone service works perfectly fine for business usage as well, as you cannot afford voice quality issues or signal drop issues while talking to your client or customer.

Less costly

Landline service is way cheaper than the mobile phone service. Many providers offer landline service with unlimited calling like Spectrum offers unlimited local and long-distance calls with up to 28 most popular features like 3-way calling, block unwanted callers with the private spectrum number. You can get Spectrum voice for just $9 when you bundle with internet or cable TV service.

Easy to use

The landline is way easy to use than the cell phone. It is easy for kids and elders to learn how to use a landline than a cell phone. You can easily teach your kids how to use dial out. Cell phones are more technical and in an emergency situation, kids get confused while using the cell phone as there is a lot when it comes to cell phones. With the cell phone, the kids do other stuff as well like use social media applications, watch movies, play games and they waste their time. You should have a landline service at your house so if you are outside of your house and either your kids or you want to contact, they can do that or in an emergency situation, the kids can reach you.


In any emergency situation, with the landline service, you can reach 911. With the landline, the 911 call is very accurate and reliable. If you are in an emergency situation and you called 911 emergency center, you don’t need to go through the whole procedure like giving them your address and name, they can reach you as the landline is installed at a specific location, the emergency teams will have access to your location and they can reach to you within minutes. If you called 911 with the cell phone, you need to give them your address and the details, and then they will able to reach you.

Reliable and secure

Landline service is more reliable than the cell phone as with the cell phone, the signals are transmitted through air, they can be interrupted in the event of a weather disaster and your services can go out for days. With the landline service, as the signals are transmitted through cable, you won’t be facing any kind of voice quality issue until or unless the cable is damaged. The cell phones are small and you can misplace them as they are not wired. With the landline, you have this peace of mind with you that even in the event of a power outage, if you are unable to find your cell phone, or your cell phone battery is dead, you still have a way of communication with you. The landline phone service is way secure than the cellphone service. as the signals are transmitted through air, with the special equipment, someone can easily listen to your conversations. With the landline, if someone wants to hack it, they need to bug the device to intercept your conversation.

Final thoughts

Getting a landline service is a good option if you have a business or you have elders or kids at your house. The features that you get with the landline service help you in an emergency situation and it is way cheaper than the mobile phone service.

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