2021 Apple MacBook Pro Battery Life, You Won’t Believe it!

apple macbook pro

Throughout the recent history, majority of users are plagued by smartphones and laptops that just don’t have enough battery in it.

The 2021 Apple MacBook Pro revealed by the brand in an event last night has changed the game forever.

With some obvious issues in performance, Apple confirmed that they are moving towards their own silicon chips and will no longer use Intel chipset in their MacBooks and other devices. As promised, the company unveiled the new lineup of products in a grand, virtual event. While most users expected it to have limitations in terms of power and app compatibility, from what we have seen Apple is well on track. They are following the Windows 10 path to have popular apps instead of having to install software programs as it was done decades ago on operating systems.

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Smartphones have proven that apps are easier to use for the majority of the population. Instead of having to install executable files, they make life easier. Apple MacBook Pro releasing in 2020 not only focuses on this aspect but also has one of the best battery life in any laptop ever. While the company follows a trend of calling them game changers, this time they have literally showcased a different battery life that the industry should soon follow.

apple macbook pro

Immense Power, Reliable Battery

On the inside, the new MacBook Pro 13 revealed by Apple is powered by the 8-core unified M1 chipset. It unifies the GPU, CPU, RAM and other aspects into a single 8GB memory cache which is new for the industry. The laptop is capable of handling Final Cut Pro, 6K displays and can seamlessly allow 8K videos to be edited in DaVinci Resolve. These are some huge claims to make but being Apple, most believe that this should be the new benchmark for performance on a laptop.

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The Pro is equipped with a TouchBar that makes it easier to navigate, the screen is now 500 nits brighter on par with televisions and also uses batter speakers. In the event, they further confirmed that the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch will be able to run for 20 hours on a single charge. It can also deliver 17 hours of web browsing and is easily twice the battery life when compared to the Intel powered MacBook Pros from the past. It is a massive leap in the world of technology and should possibly reflect in all aspects of gadgets in the future.

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