Why is Elder Scrolls VI Being An Xbox Exclusive? Microsoft Shares The Reason

The Elder Scrolls VI

The court proceedings pertaining to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard are currently in progress.

While responding to the statement issued by the UK regulator, Microsoft stated that making Elder Scrolls VI, which is designed to be a mid-sized game, exclusive is a good idea from the business point of view.

Microsoft also spoke about why it doesn’t wish to make Call of Duty available exclusively on any platform. At the moment, the game is doing wonders on PlayStation. Given the kind of explanation Microsoft has offered, it is quite apparent that it has done a lot of research on the different platforms on which games are showcased and whether a particular platform proves to be beneficial for a game or not.

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Right now, Microsoft’s focus is on finalizing the $70 billion deal with Activision Blizzard after getting it passed through all the regulatory agencies. Microsoft itself has stated that buying Activision Blizzard would make the former the third-largest gaming in the world in terms of revenue. Once this deal comes through, Sony and Tencent would be the only two companies in the world bigger than Microsoft in the gaming space.

For Microsoft, it is very important for this deal to work out. SatyaNadella, who serves as the CEO of Microsoft, has stated that this particular deal will play a ‘key role’ in propelling the development of the company’s metaverse platforms forward. Acquiring Activision Blizzard is a part of Microsoft’s strategy to develop ‘world-class content’ that would cater to gamers across the globe and also contribute towards making the gaming industry more vibrant and inclusive.

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It must be noted that there is a limited chance of games, which are designed for cross-platform play, to become exclusive. Microsoft has largely divided its games into three different categories, Niche, Mass market audience and New IP/Uncertain audience. New IPs that are designed for an ‘uncertain audience’ stand a good chance of being made available exclusively for certain platforms. Niche and Mass Market titles would, most probably, be launched on multiple gaming platforms.

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