Elder Scrolls Online Stadia Players Receive A PC Copy Of The Game For Free

Elder Scrolls Online

Google Stadia will shut shop on January 18, 2023 and by now, it’s common news.

Once this day arrives, subscribers of this gaming service will not have any access to the games or data they have saved. The Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to move their purchased content and characters to the PC or Mac version. Once notified, players will have to sign into their accounts and proceed towards downloading the game client so that they can continue playing.

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Bethesda Game Studios, the publisher of The Elder Scrolls Online, has confirmed that Stadia players belonging to its MMORPG will have the opportunity to play the game with all their progress and activities intact after the streaming service ceases to operate next year.

A couple of days back, Bethesda made an announcement about Stadia players having the authority to get their ESO accounts transferred to the PC version. For the longest time, no explanation or clarification was offered to the players about the transfer process. Earlier this week, ESO players started receiving emails that offered them some insight into the transfer process.

As per the email, the Elder Scrolls Online accounts of the players have been given permission to access the game on platforms like the PC and Mac. The email further stated that all the progress of the players, including purchased content, characters, inventory and achievements will be saved on PC and/or Mac.

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During this process, players will need to do just a simple task. They will have to sign into their accounts on the official website of the ESO and download the game client for Mac or PC. The base game, which is priced at $20, will be accessible to the players along with the expansions they had bought earlier.

It is important to remember that this particular process will not be effective on the game’s console versions. This is because ESO progress can be moved or transferred only between platforms belonging to the same family. Stadia shares its servers with PC. After Google made an announcement about shutting down Stadia in 2021, several gaming studios have been putting together contingency plans for their games.

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