Minecraft To Get Avatar Legends DLC

The newest Minecraft collaboration has much to offer to Avatar: The Last Airbender fans as Avatar Legends marks the arrival of Aang and Korra and their world to the Minecraft Marketplace.

One of the highlights of the Minecraft Marketplace is that provides content creators an opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft and launch official content packs for the game.

The Creation Club does a similar thing for Skyrim players. As soon as Minecraft Marketplace got introduced, it became a very lucrative platform for Microsoft and content creators in general.  It has also given Mojang a chance to partner up with popular franchises.

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In this particular case, the partnership is between Mojang and Nickelodeon’s Avatar. Both The Legend of Karra and The Last Airbenderlasted for seven seasons and managed to create a global fan following for themselves.

An official announcement about the crossover was made on Twitter by the official account of Minecraft. Players can check this out on December 6 in the Minecraft Marketplace. There is a possibility of Avatar Legends introducing four new skins to Minecraft. Fans are quite excited to find out how elaborate this content pack turns out to be. Many fans are expecting the four bending schools to be added to the game. If this turns out to be true, it would be a huge thing for fans who had been wishing for the existence of an open-world sandbox game that is a part of the Avatar universe.

While fans were not too happy to see the way Nickelodeon treated The Legend of Korra, the franchise continues to be popular and its fan base has grown steadily with time. Avatar Legends, which happens to be a role-playing game, has managed to bring Avatar’s world to the tabletop. The physical edition, along with a starter pack, is touted to be released early next year.

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