Why PlayStation 5 Will Boost GTA 5 like No Other Console?


GTA 5 was launched way back in 2013 on the PlayStation 3 console.

Rockstar made one of the best games of the generation because the saga will not end. It is going to continue on the Sony PlayStation 5 console in 2020 and it is going to be the best ever version of the game because of the hardware boost provided on this platform.

When everyone was eagerly looking forward to play or at least know if GTA 6 is in development, it came as a stark surprise to know that Rockstar is going to focus on developing new content for nearly a decade-old game. The grand event held by Sony to unveil their PlayStation 5 console was marked by GTA V as the first ever game trailer.

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Brand New Graphics

In the past, many modders managed to make the game look extremely new by improving the textures, world details and other aspects. The developers will officially now be able to do it on a console without any hardware limitations. With multiple teraflops at this disposal, PlayStation 5 will make GTA V look like an entirely new game that gamers would love to play.


With lots of graphical improvements, performance boost and the ability to quickly resume a game of GTA Online with the power of SSD, gamers are in for a treat. In Sony’s own words, “GTA will make complete use of the massive hardware power the PS5 console is capable of offering and it will be mindblowing.”

Get Rewards for Playing GTA Online Again

Unlike other consoles, PlayStation 5 is going to make playing GTA Online more rewarding than ever as you build your digital life. Sony PS5 owners can play the online variant for free for the first three months on the new console and every PS Plus member will receive $1 million in virtual currency. The surprising factor is that the huge amount will be deposited every month until the next-gen console launches towards the end of 2020.

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More Goodies Coming Up

Rockstar and Sony had partnered up to make PlayStation 5 and GTA 5 sync well so that players are inclined to get online again. With such improved visuals and cash to purchase stuff you love, it is definitely a great time to get onto the game again. There are lots of more surprise announcements set to be revealed in the following months. Stay tuned and we’ll make sure to keep you updated!

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