Why Random Video Chats Could Be Your New Best Friend

Not everyone knows this, but video chatting is good for more than just killing time. After all, have you ever thought about what it would be like to talk with strangers from around the world at a click of a button? The possibilities are practically endless, just like the numbers of people you could potentially chat with.

Just off the top of your head, what do you think random video chats could do for you? You may not have many ideas now, but by the time you’ve finished reading this, you may be ready to hop online and give it a try right away! Once you start, though, you might have a hard time stopping – after all, something that’s used by so many people must be fairly entertaining, right?

You’ll figure out your own favorite aspects of random video chatting once you’ve started, but for now, here are some of the main reasons why so many people love doing it.

You can enjoy the free entertainment

There’s pretty much zero personal commitment with random video chats; you’re just there for your own purposes, whatever those may be. Lucky for you, most of these sites also involve zero financial commitment. Are you on the lookout for something fun, free, and easy? Look no further!

A few random video chat sites may offer a paid membership in addition to the free membership, or they might offer extra features that cost a small monthly fee. The good news is, you don’t actually need any of the paid stuff in order to use the site – but it’s still nice to know that you could give the paid features a try if you wanted to.

Chat with people from almost anywhere in the world

Almost any video chat site you choose will have users from every continent. You’ll find people from all kinds of cultures, speaking all kinds of languages, and talking from all kinds of perspectives. In fact, some random video chat sites, like Camsurf, let you filter by location or language in order to narrow down your chat options.

Learning a new language? Find native speakers on a video chat website who’ll help you practice for free. Curious about a specific culture? Filter by location to find people who can tell you more about it. Whoever you end up talking with, you’ll almost certainly have plenty of conversations that are worth remembering.

Have fun with the unpredictability

Most of the “random” aspect of video chats comes from the sheer number of people who participate – it’s a grab-bag of personalities. However, you could also add to the randomness by getting creative with your interactions.

Instead of just waiting for a conversation topic to come up, have some prepped and ready to go. Will you suggest “two truths and a lie”, or challenge them to match your bad puns with some of their own? If you don’t feel like being the wild card, you could just compare your dream vacations, or discuss the relative merits of dogs versus cats. You can talk about pretty much anything; if the person you’ve matched with isn’t interested, just move on until you find someone who is.

Broaden your perspective

With the way most people’s social lives have been going in the past year, it’s hard to feel connected to the outside world. It’s not necessarily that you were talking with people from all different countries before; it’s just that a lot of things go through the grapevine, and you might not be as connected as you used to be.

If you’re video chatting with strangers, though, you can start to regain a sense of what’s happening both at home and abroad. News sites and trending hashtags can give you a lot of information, but that’s far from being the whole story – it helps to get the perspectives of actual people.

These perspectives won’t necessarily be on current events; they could simply be people’s viewpoints on life in general. Whatever you end up talking about, it could be reassuring to see that people are still living their lives no matter where they are in the world.

Get over being shy

Part of the appeal of random video chats is the lack of expectations; it also doesn’t hurt that you’re free to start a new chat at any time you want. In other words, you have unlimited chances to make a good first impression, no matter how many times you flub some words or lose your train of thought. The more you talk with people online, the more confident you’ll be; eventually, you won’t even have to worry about in-person interactions, let alone relaxed online chats.

Kiss boredom goodbye

We’ve all been there. You feel like doing something fun, but all your usual choices seem a bit stale. You could do something useful, but you really feel like being entertained at the moment – you just can’t decide what to do.

If you add random video chats to the list of options, you’ll have a source of entertainment that never gets old, because you’ll be talking to different people every time. You could spend half an hour chatting, or half a day – however much time you have, thousands of random video chats will always be waiting for you.

Put a spark back into your social life

Have you been struggling to get any semblance of variety in your social life? With how limited a lot of people’s options are, it can be tricky to feel like you’re getting anywhere near enough human contact. If you add random video chatting to your life, though, you could have all the variety you could ask for, and then some!

And lastly, have fun!

Millions of people can’t be wrong – random video chats are obviously fun enough to keep people coming back for more. Whether you identify with one of the reasons above, or you have your own reason to try random video chatting, the only thing left to do is to get your first chat started!

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