Latest The Sims 4 Pack Adds an Important and Long-Awaited Feature

Sims 4 dream home decor pack

Earlier this week, The Sims 4 introduced its latest pack to gamers.

What is special about this newly launched pack is the fact that it includes a major feature which fans had been requesting for a very long time.

The Game Pack has been titled Dream Home Decorator and is largely focused on interior design. It enables your Sim to provide different kinds of home makeovers for the clients in the capacity of an interior decorator working on a freelance basis. It features a range of beautiful furnishing that boast of novelty and are very attractive.

However, the one thing that a large number of people have taken note of is the inclusion of sectional sofas. This is important because players were only provided with conventional couches till now. These sectional sofas offer a lot more flexibility and comfort than regular sofas and add to the charm of the living rooms.

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In the Build/Buy mode, you come across two distinctive designs of sectional sofas that can be positioned anywhere easily. Both types of sofas arrive in twelve distinct color swatches. Simmers get the freedom to select from twelve different components including lounge, side and corner. They can put these pieces together to arrange or create their sofa.

Recently, a brand-new Likes and Dislikes system was included in the base game and was made accessible to all players. However, sectional sofas have not been introduced as an inclusive feature. At the moment, sectional sofas are exclusively available on Dream Home Decorator.

As the pack has been launched very recently, more reviews are expected to pour in next week. However, a fair amount of reviews have released so far and most of them speak highly about this newly introduced pack. While the reviews have spoken positively about several aspects of the Pack, they have also pointed out the issue with its exclusivity.

The next Announcement Pack should get an official announcement sometime during the next month. One makes this assumption on the basis of the information one received via the roadmap of the Summer of Sims.

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In the last couple of weeks, sixteen East Asian eye presets, recently modified afro hairstyles and six brand new hair colors were added to the game. The good news is that a lot more fresh updates, most of which are expected to be free, will be arriving this Summer.

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