WWE 2K22 Launches The Most Wanted DLC Pack

WWE 2k22

WWE, 2K Games and Visual Concepts have left no stone unturned to mount WWE 2K22 on a very big scale and ensure it offers players all that they expect from it.

When the game was launched, it featured 168 wrestlers. With time, the number of wrestlers has increased significantly and many of the features have been updated too.

Much of the post-launch content, including the Banzai Pack DLC, has been received well by the gamers. Now, the publisher has made things a lot more exciting for the players by launching the Most Wanted DLC pack. The pack has brought in more modern wrestlers to the game and will definitely make the experience of playing it far more interesting for most players.

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WWE got into a partnership with 2K Games and this collaboration has resulted in nine games so far, including WWE 2K22. On all the titles, Visual Concepts has been the lead developer. The game has witnessed the comeback of the general manager mode in MyGM. This particular mode offers players the opportunity to check out the ease with which they can book SmackDown, Raw, NXT, or NXT UK.

Some of the other prominent modes that are now available in the game include the redesigned career mode MyRISE. You also get the Showcase mode that will help you revisit many of the iconic moments in the history of WWE. As far as new modes are concerned, there is the MyFACTION mode that offers players the opportunity to put together and propel the growth of their faction forward. To do this, they can take the help of card packs which are very similar to the player packs in NBA 2K.

Apart from some of the biggest legends in WWE history, the Most Wanted DLC features some newer wrestlers as well. IljaDragunov, a popular NXT UK star and the Boogeyman are some of the prominent names who have arrived courtesy of this pack.

Vader and Cactus Jack have faced each other in several WCW matches and therefore, it is interesting to see them arriving in the game together with the Most Wanted DLC pack. The Texas death match that was organized between them in the year 1993 is remembered to date. Those who admire contemporary wrestlers should be very happy with the inclusion of IljaDragunov in the game. Much before WWE had signed him, Ilja had already made a name for himself by participating in and winning many independent wrestling tournaments.

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