Resident Evil 7, Farming Simulator 19, NHL 20 and 4 Other Games To Leave Xbox Game Pass By The End Of May 2022

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Those who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass are quite aware of the fact that a bunch of new games gets added to the subscription service every single month.

However, to save yourself from some heartburn, you must also remember that games leave the service from time to time as well. Whenever Microsoft plans to get some games removed, it gives a notice to the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass informing them about it.

If subscribers get to know about the games that will be leaving the service in a particular month, they will be able to plan things accordingly and decide which games they wish to play first. The announcement about this comes around in the middle of every month. Recently, Microsoft revealed the names of the seven games that will be exiting Xbox Game Pass this month.

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On May 31, seven games will become inaccessible to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Till the time these games are available on the service, the subscribers can buy these at a discounted rate of 20%. The seven games that will be leaving the service this month are Yes Your Grace, Farming Simulator 19, Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest, EA Sports NHL 20, Superhot Mind Control Delete, Resident Evil 7 and Knockout City.

Fans won’t miss some of these games as they have already been replaced by their upgraded versions. Though EA Sports NHL 20 will not be a part of the subscription service from next month, you will still have access to NHL 22, which was made available to Xbox Games subscribers earlier this month.  Since Farming Simulator 22 will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass on May 19, fans shouldn’t be disappointed with Farming Simulator 19being out of the service. Electronic Arts has decided to opt out of publishing Knockout City and it will be available as a free-to-play game in the future. So, there should be limited disappointment with it leaving the service as well.

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However, many subscribers are bound to feel unhappy about Xbox Game Pass losing out on these seven games. Each of these games had a dedicated fan base and they will miss playing them on the subscription service. However, there is something they should feel happy about. In the next few weeks, 12 new games, including 6 day-one releases, will mark their arrival on Xbox Game Pass.

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