Grand Theft Auto 5 Update Brings In A Very Important Change

GTA 5 Rockstar

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 update was recently rolled out to PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One.

Rockstar Games also released patch notes that help the gamers familiarize themselves with all that Update 1.60 has to offer.

Those who play GTA 5 on PlayStation5, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X would be disappointed by the fact that this update has not been released on these platforms. The reason behind this is not clear at the moment. It could be because of the way that the update has been designed. There is a good chance of the update being made available to individuals playing the game on these platforms very soon.

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One of the most important purposes served by the update is that it fixes several crashes that one encountered in the game. This has been stated in the patch notes. However, if you have not experienced these crashes, you might be a little confused about the exact nature of the damage control exercise carried out by this update. Because of this reason, some of the players might not value this update very highly.

Some of the other things this update does are much more prominent. A large number of players experienced the crash that took place while loading the Heavy Sniper Mk II in first-person mode. A lot of players have suffered because of this and they should be happy to see it being fixed now.

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These days, whenever an update is released, many players try to find out about the size of its files and how prominently it will add to the weight of the game. From the information provided in the patch notes, one can assume that this update is on the lighter side.

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