WWE 2K23 All Set To Make Important Modifications In MyGM Mode

WWE 2k22

The March release of WWE 2K23 will coincide with improvements being made to the MyGM Mode.

When the MyGM mode was re-introduced in WWE 2K22, it got a very encouraging response from fans.

Even though it was plagued with some issues, the format was quite appealing and there was good scope for developer Visual Concepts to make some improvements from that point. When 2K and Visual Concepts revealed WWE 2K23, it was clear that developers had made a conscious effort to offer players a better experience.

While the MyGM mode was quite impressive, there were a few things that stopped it from reaching out to a wider player base. A few elements, however, were added later and contributed towards improving the mode. While many players complained about the absence of tag team championships, these were added later during the post-launch update. Players had the opportunity to explore a new MyGM mode playthrough. However, they could do this only after completing a season.

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One of the important things players are looking forward to with the arrival of WWE 2K23 is the addition of multiple seasons. This is one of the few things that have already been confirmed. There needs to be, however, a little more clarity on this. There is a possibility of the developer deciding on the number of seasons in advance. If that does not happen, players might get the chance to add an infinite number of seasons after completing each playthrough.

Players had the opportunity to choose from Sonya Deville, Adam Pearce, Shane McMahon, William Regal and Stephanie McMahon in WWE 2K22. The options will be much wider in WWE 2K23. As confirmed by the developers, the players will get “more GMs to choose from”. Players will also get the chance to utilize a ‘custom GM creation’.

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