Sony Files New Patent For The Purpose of Recording VR Gameplay

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A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment offers one some idea about the direction in which it wants to go in the virtual reality space.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a new patent with the objective of having a device that would enable it to record VR gameplay in the near future.

It is quite a well-known fact that Sony has been conducting extensive research on VR headsets and ideating on how this space can be further innovated.

PlayStation VR2, which happens to be the newest VR headset developed by Sony, is scheduled to be launched next month. The launch lineup will feature more than thirty first-party and third-party games. It is touted to be one of the biggest launches this year and the entire gaming community is extremely excited about it.

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In terms of technology, the PlayStation VR2 is a huge leap not just for Sony but the entire VR industry. If Sony plays its cards well, PlayStation VR2 will be a massive improvement upon the PS VR headset. The PS VR2 headset will have a bright OLED display screen that will feature a resolution of 2000×2040 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

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The headset has been in the news for several other reasons as well. The PS VR2 headset will come armed with the technical specifications one came across in PS5 and is expected to be several steps ahead of it in many aspects.

After launching the original PS VR headset, Sony was taking feedback from the users on a regular basis. All the feedback received from the users has been taken into account while developing the PS VR2. In the meantime, the company is constantly doing research on VR technology and trying to come up with new ideas that could propel the growth of VR technology forward.

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The new patent, which has been filed by Sony recently, would make it possible for a VR headset to record gameplay that can be streamed later. The patent, which is designed around ‘video recording and playback system and methods’, talks about a system that would be capable of streaming PS VR2 gameplay on different platforms or mediums like YouTube and Twitch.

This particular device would have the bandwidth to capture the visual or elements in a wider area or field of view. When a wide FOV is covered, there will be a limited possibility of viewers suffering from motion sickness while experiencing gameplay via the headset of a PS VR2 user.

The patent also offers an explanation for how VR recording will process FOV for a PS VR2 user while offering a visual of the virtual environment, that you are surrounded by, at a much lower resolution. While a rendered FOV would be shared with the primary user, the secondary users will have access to a second combined render.

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