Xbox One Adds Toby: The Secret Mine, AQUA KITTY UDX and More to Its Portfolio

Toby The Secret Mine

The popular gaming console Xbox One from Microsoft has recently expanded its games collection with three new games – Toby: The Secret Mine, The Assembly Games, AQUA KITTY UDX.

While the first two games are currently available for download and can be played right away, the last one can only be digitally pre-ordered and pre-downloaded right now. Players will have to wait till the official release of this game in the first week of February to start playing this game. Moreover, it can only be played on the ultra edition of Xbox One.

Xbox One Adds Toby

Published by Headup Games, Toby: The Secret Mine is all about the adventures of a little boy. He is the resident of a once peaceful small village set in the midst of mountains. At present, the village is in a completely distraught state with most of its inhabitants kidnapped. The game showcases the efforts of a few people who made an attempt to save their allies. But, the mission was not a success as they did not return. The game picks up momentum from the point where little Toby decides that there is no point waiting any further and plans to take up the task of finding the missing villagers himself. His trail leads him to the surroundings of a deep forest that makes him aware realize he has to face a bizarre adventure. This adventure leads him to a creepy dark world that poses a whole lot of risky situations, herculean challenges and foes. Handcrafted environments, stunning visual effects, mind blowing challenges and puzzles of varying complexities are some highlights of this game.

The Assembly is a first-person game published by nDreams. Targeted for grownups, this game transports players to a secret organization. The game is best dealt with two players, each one having different views. The players will encounter trials, probe into the secret bunker owned by the Assembly and even make tough choices. The actions and their after effects can either save lives or invite more danger. Gamers can test their skills in Madeleine Stone’s induction trials and step into the shoes of veteran Carl Pearson to unravel various secrets.

Toby The Assembly

AQUA KITTY UDX is for animal lovers, especially those who love cats. The fantasy game will be set to Dreadnought mode and you will play the role of a cat yourself. There will be an unexpected shortage of milk and the entire cat crew must find out new sources of milk. Along with your team of kittens, you are expected to overcome the fear of water drill and below the ocean bed that has ample reserves of what appears to be full fat milk. In the course of the game, you must be geared up for some submarine action at a rapid pace and also be prepared to save the kittens gang from vicious sea creatures. Additionally, the Dreadnought mode takes you to the Meowiana trench where you will have to ultimately put an end to the large enemy craft with multiple screens. Only, when this is done, you will be able to free the captured kittens.

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