Xiaomi Mi 6 Specs and Release Date Rumors Resurface – March Release on the Cards?

Xiaomi Mi 6

New leaks resurface about the Xiaomi Mi 6, with an impending March release date.

Li Wanqiang, the co founder and VP of Xiaomi has revealed more information regarding the upcoming device, which in all probability is the Xiaomi Mi 6. The information was revealed at the Geek Park Innovation event. The VP of Xiaomi did not mention the name of the new device, but it can easily be inferred that he was talking about the Xiaomi Mi 6.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Price Indicated

It was already rumored that the new Xiaomi Mi 6 would offer some surprising elements in its specifications. According to the latest leaks by the VP of Xiaomi, the price of the new device will follow on the lines of earlier tradition. From this it can be inferred that the price of the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be around 1999 yuan.

Earlier, there were rumors that the price of the Mi 6 would be affected and it would sell at a higher price at the time of launch. This was possibly due to the rising cost of the materials used in the device. Flagship devices of Xiaomi usually start at a price of 1999 yuan or $300 in case of the basic model. It increases according to the increase in the specs.

Surprising Specs

Some other details have also been leaked regarding the Mi 6. Among other news, it is rumored that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will come with metallic body. The Underglass Ultrasonic, fingerprint sensor that was seen on the earlier Xiaomi 5S will also be seen in the new Mi 6 device. According to the source, it is not probably that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be released in February this year, as the production is not yet over.

The camera will also be upgraded, though there is no news regarding the new sensor. The sensor will, however, be an enhancement on the Sony IMX378 one. The display will be two versions, a flat screen one and a curved one. The flat screen version will come art around 1999 yuan and the curved screen version will be around 2499 yuan.

Processor and Battery

Leaks also suggest that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be powered by the new Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835 chip and have a RAM of 4 GB for the flat screen and 6 GB for the curved screen version. However, both the versions will have a battery of 3000 mAh and will run on Android Nougat 7.0, out of the box. There are two storage options of 128 GB as well as 256 GB on the cards.

XiaomiMi 6 Specs

Fast and Furious

In fact, it is rumored that only two flagship devices, the Galaxy S8 and the Xiaomi Mi 6, will be among the first phones to use the latest flagship process of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835 chipset. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 6 will probably be the first smartphone that will be released with this powerful chipset.

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Another news claims that there will be enough number of the device available at launch time, which seems to be good tidings. It is tipped for a launch in March and fans are waiting to see the firepower of the new Xiaomi MI 6 in action.

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