Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘Mini’ Leak Confirms Impressive Specs

Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘Mini’

Xiaomi took the smartphone world by storm when it announced the Mi MIX alongside the Mi Note 2.

While the latter was still a highlight of the show, it is the former that completely stole the show.

Featuring a unique bezel-less design that happens to be the first of its kind, the Xiaomi Mi MIX has proved the company’s critics wrong. The Chinese OEM has often been accused of copy-pasting smartphone designs of Apple, something that has gone further to earn it the title “Apple of China.” In fact, it is thought that the company’s awareness of the copyright matters that could affect its sales is part of the reason Xiaomi phones are not sold in the U.S. on an official note – but this will change very soon.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini

Now, according to a new report, the phone that shook up the smartphone world is getting as mini version. Apparently, the company is looking to push a new Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini to the market after it was seemingly confirmed that the original version will only be sold in the local Chinese market. The new bezel-less Mi MIX Mini has the code name Nano and here are some of the expected specs.

Apparently, the Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini will keep its bezel-less screen design, but the size will be dropped from 6.4 inches to a regular 5.5-inch display. All the bells and whistles of the Mi MIX’s display will be retained on the Mini version. Under the hood, the same specs will also be witnessed – a Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. As for the cameras, it is unknown whether the handset will retain the 16MP/5MP combination, but is highly likely.

It is thought that the Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini will be released in early 2017, meaning that more details of the phone should be popping up in the coming weeks. The source argues that the Mi MIX Mini will be priced at $73 less than the current base model of the standard Mi MIX.

Xiaomi has not yet made anything official, including whether this phone is real or even if it will be marketed to other parts of the world – but it is likely that it will be pushed to other markets, especially following the rave reviews the larger Mi MIX has received so far.

Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘Mini’

Since this is just a rumor, it is better to remain skeptic about the report, at least until Xiaomi speaks out. We’ll be monitoring the situation and bring you the latest news and updates. Keep following us!

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