YouTube Community Lets Users Interact via Text, GIFs, Images and Live Videos


Last week we reported about a possible mission by Google towards making YouTube more social.

Now, as it seems, this is about to materialize thanks to a new YouTube Community tab that has been added to the platform for trial purposes.

YouTube Community

The company has now released the Community tab for YouTube creators – an update that promises to give those on the platform a more social environment for sharing more than just videos. Instead, it will now be possible to include real time text, videos, images as well as special characters such as GIFs in your interactions.

YouTube believes that introducing the Community tab represents the deepest product collaboration the company has had with creators that use the platform. With this move, the search engine giant claims it will be eliminating the notion that YouTube is about videos and instead promoting the real idea of the platform, which is about the community.

Most people have subscribed to numerous YouTube channels that they keep track of. According to the company, these channels are not just shows, instead, they are a community that forms part of the subscriber’s life.

With the YouTube Community tab, viewers will be able to see posts from creators in their subscription feed through their phones. There is also room to customize the experience such that you are notified whenever a certain creator posts anything on the platform.


Many platforms have started turning to the richer videos as a way to capture the attention of the ever-demanding customers. Google recently made a move of launching a Google Duo app that is purely focused on video calls. Facebook followed suit with an Instant Video feature and now that YouTube, the leading video sharing platform, is moving towards adding social networking aspects to its video feeds just shows how much companies have found meaning in videos.

In essence, YouTube is now seen as a community platform that is also home to videos.

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