YouTube Go App Supports Offline Viewing and Sharing


Google’s YouTube Go app is now available and ready for installing on mobile devices. With the app, the tech giant is looking forward to expanding the accessibility of the video sharing platform beyond what it is at the moment.

Apparently, the new YouTube Go was made with some biased to the Indian market and in fact, it is users in this market that will get the first nod towards trying the app. The app, however, should roll out in other regions with similar circumstances that led to Google pushing out the app for the Indian market.

With YouTube Go, those using the video-sharing platform will now be able to keep on enjoying their favorite videos even when internet connections get weak and weaker. The app lets you save videos that can, later on, be viewed when offline. You will have the option to choose the quality you want, which will also affect the size of the file. In the end, you can tell the exact amount of data you have used.

Google has shown huge interest in the Indian market, especially due to the growing nature of technology in the country. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, India is what gives Google early insights into the future Internet market, especially in the current mobile-first world. After learning the issues the country and its citizens are having when it comes to internet connectivity as well as data costs, the company saw the need to come in with products that are tailored to the Indian market.

youtube go

The good side of the story is that YouTube Go, alongside other products that Google announced at a Delhi event, will slowly make their way to other markets across the globe. As for now, those in India can sign up for testing the new YouTube Go app by visiting this link. Still, Google hasn’t mentioned when this app will be made officially available for the whole public in the huge Asian country.

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